Patrons of the Dexter Free Library will notice substantial increases in our Internet speed.  An upgrade to our internet connection was completed January 26th

Prior to the speed boost, the library was seeing top speeds less than 10Mbps Megabits per second (Mbps).   Slow speeds made it difficult for library Internet users to perform simple tasks.   Now, download speeds of 60 Mbps are available. 


Coffee, Community and More (for adults)

Thursday mornings at the library join us for Coffee, Community, and More!!  The Keurig will be on and you can select your beverage of choice, light refreshments will be provided.   Bring a project you want to work on, stop by just to visit or pick out a book or dvd, use the computers, etc...

Keep up to date with special workshops on our FaceBook page.  If you would like to help us set up a workshop or would be interested in presenting to a group contact Jen Thomas at

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