BOT Minutes 9/10/2018

Present:  Beth Nutting, Jennifer Thomas, Rebecca Hall, Linda Carroll, Marcia Schryver, Jean Butler, Liz Bourcy

Excused: Cathy Pitkin, Mabel Roedel

Meeting was called to order at 7:03pm.

Secretary's Report was reviewed.  

Treasurer's Report:  Bills are paid up to date.  Income and spending report was reviewed. We're in the black.

Director's Report:  July lending up overall, August lending declined as is end of summer trend.  The summer reading program had 104 participants not including Daniel Tiger and Mama's Pajamas visits.  56 came for Daniel Tiger and 12 for Mama's Pajamas.   Teen nights have not shown much interest, will be reviewing these for future.   Elementary class visits to the library had 249 participants in June. A total of 415 participantsin summer programs which was down from last year.

We should be getting a 66% match on the construction grant.    We will also be receiving $5000 through Senator Ritchie's grants.  Becky will be watching for the funds.

Cliff Moulton is expected to begin work on the basement in mid-October.

Minimum library standards as approved by NYS require digital transparency for libraries.  We need to be posting and updating more on our website.   Meeting minutes will be summarized and included.

Story Time starts this week.   A pamphlet has been created outlining information and rules which will be passed out to parents/adults attending with their children.

The library will not be doing home schooling activities this fall due to lack of interest.

Beginning this month, the last Saturday morning in Setpember, the library will have a story hour for children ages 4 -5.   It will continue each Saturday at 10am if enough participants.  

Donations are coming in for the book sale October 20, 2018.  Books are being weededout in the process.

Friday, October 19 at 9:30am we willstart setting up for sale,tables are needed.  Adance viewing and purchasing on Friday from 6to8 for $2 admission. Saturday the book sale will be from 9am to 2pm.  We'll sell hot dogs,chips, and drink again outside.  flyers will be available for advertising the sale.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.