BOT Minutes 11/05/18

Dexter Free Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 11/05/2018

Present: Beth Nutting, Jennifer Tomas, Linda Carroll, Marcia Schryver, Jean Butler, and Liz Bourcy

Excused: Cathy Pitkin and Rebecca Hall


Beth called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm


Secretary’s report from October meeting was reviewed.

Treasurer’s report:  Bills are paid to date.  


Concrete poured in cellar, sump pumps installed & working. Board members looked at finished work. Bill will be paid, we’ll receive 66% back when construction grant funds come in.


Director’s report:  Received estimate from Moulton Builders to redo front entrance railing and roof supports - $2,120.00.  Marcia made motion to accept bid, Liz seconded it. Jennifer will contact Moulton Builders to see when they may begin the work.


The Board must decide whether we want to request more funding via school ballot referendum in 2019 than the current 2% tax cap will allow.   We’ll say NO to requesting an increase on school ballot this year. Linda made motion to not go for increase on ballot.   Jean seconded it.


The 10/20/2018 book sale took in $424.00 between book & hot dog sales.  $243.00 taken in since then. Leaving books out until last week in November.


Paint night for November 1st  was cancelled as only 1 person signed up. Hope to schedule another date after Christmas.  17 red scarves have been completed for our current project.


Not renewing movie license as very little participation at this time.


NY State sexual harassment training must be in place by 10/09/2019 with our library policy.  Can view U-Tube videos to along with q & a for staff.  NCLS has given us a sample policy which was reviewed by their library lawyer.  A copy will be sent to each Board Member via email to review.


The library is hosting a holiday wreath workshop 11/13/2018 and are we are looking for local groups to participate. Wreaths must be completed and to the library by 11/27/2018 as voting begins 11/28/2018. Prizes will be given to winners.


Looking into creating E-Vites on website for upcoming events being held at the library. Try different ways through media to get information out to the public.


Liz will check into details for a psychic visit possibly in Spring.

The recent Essential Oils informative class had 3 in attendance. Looking into another one end of November – 11/29/2018 if that date is okay with Sarah.  Alternative dates are 12/05/2018 or 12/06/2018 at 7:00 pm.


No definite plan for snow removal yet, Cullen will most likely include front of library when he plows parking lot next door.


There will be no December meeting


Meeting was adjourned 7:47 pm