BOT Minutes January 2019

Dexter Free Library

Board of Trustees Meeting

January 28, 2019


Present: Beth Nutting, Jen Thomas, Becky Hall, Linda Carrol, Amy Kenney

Absent:  Marcia Schryver, Liz Bourcy, Jean Butler, Cathy Pitkin

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm.


Secretary's Report:  Read over previous  meeting minutes

Treasurer's Report:  Bill are paid and up to date, budget in process will email trustees for approval.

Director's Report:  Basement flooded again in December.   Cliff Moulton came to adjust the float and dug the hole deeper.  New window screen is now installed.  

A note was created and laminated to be put on the drop box to discourage dropping off donations during off season inside the box.

Charges and renewals (December 2018) 122, ebook use 40, website visits 199, and computer use 45.

Caring Crafters sent 28 scarves to Foster Care 2 Success, other knitted and crochet items were given to the local food pantry to gift to clients.

3 wreaths were entered in the contest at the library and Barb Patchett (Caring Crafters) won by popular vote.

Painting day went well with Jen as instructor.  There are several Saturday themes through April focusing on family time

Filing for Erate (reimbursement for internet connection) for FY 2019 has begun.  

New Business:  Amy attended the meeting and may join the board.  Becky and Linda agree to another term on the Board.   

Old Business:  Email will be sent to approve the sexual harassment policy, Jen will be adding the training options such as videos and interactive questions.

We approved payroll increases and will vote on the Annual Report via email before 2/15/19.

Meeting adjourned: 7:43pm.