BOT Minutes FEBRUARY 2019

Dexter Free Library
Board of Trustees
Meeting Minutes from February 11, 2019
Present: Beth Nutting, Jen Thomas, Becky Hall, Linda Carroll, Amy Kenney, Cathy Pitkin
Absent: Marcia Schryver, Liz Bourcy, Jean Butler
Meeting called to order: 7:02 pm

Secretary’s report: Read over previous meeting minutes

Treasurer’s report: Bills are paid and up to date, budget was approved via email to the board.

Director’s report: Annual report was submitted to NCLS.  2018 Annual Report to the Community is also done and  it will be available online.  A copy of the full annual report as submitted will be available at the library for those wishing to review it.
Becky made a motion to accept annual report, Linda 2nd, all approved annual report.

Collection was weeded out from 19000 to 17800 in 2018. We added over 1200 eBooks. Annual visits and
summer visits down from prior year. Will continue summer program for younger kids but will possibly  have
program for older kids on Saturday mornings.
We provided 100 programs total in 2018.

Total circulation was down in 2018 but website visits and wireless visits were up.

A sexual harassment policy has been created for all employees and volunteers at the library. There are
videos online that are required to be watched by October 2019. Employees and volunteers will then be
able to discuss the material from the videos and sign a statement that they understand the material and were given opportunity to ask questions and discuss.
Linda made a motion to approve the sexual harassment policy, Becky 2nd , and all approved the policy.

There were only two Wednesday story times in Jan due to weather.
Saturday morning sessions are going
well, 4 sessions with a total of 29 people. March will include a Dr. Seuss theme and dinosaur painting.

New Business: Jen will meet with Key Bank on Wednesday 2/13 to discuss moving the annuity to a
higher yielding account with Key Bank. She is going to get the paperwork started and add new signers to
the policy. This movement will require approval by the board before final paperwork is submitted.

2020 census requirements may include the library providing instruction and availability to the public,
more information to follow.

Possible collaboration with other libraries to do a travel workshop

Old Business: Annual report, Budget and Sexual Harassment policy have been approved.

Meeting Adjourn: 7:45 pm