BOT Minutes May 2019

Present:  Jennifer, Linda, Rebecca, Marcia, Amy, Jean
Excused:  Cathy, Liz
Meeting called to order 7:02 pm.
Secretary's report from April meeting had been emailed to everyone.
Treasurer's report was also emailed to members.
Director's report was read and discussed.
Looking at ways to get "tweens" interested in the library and activities.
Old business:  Becky will contact Beth Nutting to see where we stand with land being sold to Cullen.  Cathy Quencer was handling, will check if there's a fee for any work she did.
Becky has spoken to NCLS who has an attorney available to assist with sale of the property. They are well versed in library law and charge a nominal fee.
Need to verify variance in back corner of property in the event the library may want to expand in the future.
Cullen would no longer be plowing after sale and as previously discussed, library may purchase a snow blower and shed for storage. 
Motion was made and approved to amend the by-laws to state  that as of 05/13/2019 we have 7 voting members on the library board.
Meeting adjourned @ 7:42 pm.
Respectfully submitted, Jean Butler