BOT Minutes June 2019

Board of Trustees Meeting June 10, 2019

Present: Jen Thomas, Liz Bourcy, Rebecca Hall, Linda Carroll, Marcia Schryver  and Jean Butler

Excused: Cathy Pitkin and Amy Kenney


Linda's sister, MaryAnn Carroll visited, considering becoming a board member...welcome!!!!

Liz called meeting to order at 7:02 pm

Secretary's report was read and reviewed.

Treasurer's report reviewed   As the library made too much "income" last year, we must complete and file an 8868 and a 990 form which comes with a $300.00 charge. The reason for too much income is a result of 2 deposits from the School District.

Director's report

Summer hours are in effect now - open until 8:00 pm Tuesday

Getting ready for summer reading program

Classroom visits start this week

No one showed up for the June 8th painting class. Will use the supplies during the summer for older children.

NCLS website now has free on-line books that anyone can access. This being offered by NY State as a reading incentive.

User name: read

Password:  books

The ramp was recently painted by a high school student who required community service hours.

Hose sitting on the lawn may be buried.

Have some used books which will be put out on a table a few times during the summer for a sale by donation.

New business: Discussed something to acknowledge Beth Nutting's retirement from the Board and to show appreciation for her many volunteer hours. Will look at either stemless wine glass, commuter mug or water bottle. Liz will check with Beth's daughter for her color preference and which item would be used/appreciated the most.

Looking at Fall visit for Wilson Stevenson. Should limit to 60 people only and no tickets sold at last minute at the door. Will advertise the date prominently on Library's website and will post when SOLD OUT.

Will post on our website that the library is looking for additional members.

July and August meetings will be suspended unless there are important business matters that arise.

Meeting adjourned 7:42 pm

Respectfully submitted, Jean Butler