BOT Minutes October 2019

Present: Jennifer Thomas, Linda Carroll, Amy Kenney, Marcia Schryver, Liz Bourcy, Jean Butler
Excused:  Becky Hall, CathyPitkin
Liz called meeting to order 7:06 pm
Linda brought the engraved Yeti drink container for Beth. Liz & Jean will co-ordinate a delivery date to Beth.
Secretary's report was reviewed.
Director's report read.
Thursday, 10/17/2019, 25 participants from JRC will visit the library for games, painting, etc.
Saturday, 10/19/2019 is Caring Crafters gathering to go over and work on various library projects.
Saturday, 11/02/2019 will be the Craft Swap.
New Business:
An informal book club called "Book Chats" is being formed at the library.  Looking to start in January - days of meeting not yet assigned
NCLS asking to vote on e-books and e-audio books and advise what we want to do in regard to their chart of 2020 Proposed OverDrive Budget.. The board agreed to vote for the 13% increase as indicated on the chart for Dexter Library.
Yearly filing with NY State is due.  We'll not be exceeding the tax cap for 2020.  Jennifer will file this.
Table Top book sale will continue to October 31, 2019.
Old Business:
Fees for using new printer non-fill color is $ .50 per page with maximum of 20 pages.
Black & white is $ .25 per page.  Full color page w/background is $ 1.00 per page.
Liz made motion to accept new fees.  Linda seconded it.
Next meeting is November 18, 2019.
Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm
Respectfully submitted, Jean Butler