2020 Summer Reading Program Book Packs

Summer Reading Program Book Packs make it easy for families to explore themes and discover new books!   All you have to do is select a theme and let us know if you are requesting a Pre-K or Children's Book Pack.  Book packs for Pre-K are composed of 10 picture book titles selected by the library staff.   The Children's pack combine picture books with more text and easy readers including non-fiction titles.   Chapter Book Series are available for older juvenile readers.   For more information or to request a book pack contact the library.

Select from any of the themes below:

  1. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.  Stories about food, nutrition, cooking, baking and more.
  2. MANNERS FOR EVERDAY.   This grouping explores the importance of manners.
  3. SUPERHEROES.   Everyone loves a superhero.   Read about a variety of heroes such as Superman, Wonder Woman, and more.
  4. THEY HAVE WHEELS.   This pack is for children who love trucks and big machines.
  5. THE ENVIRONMENT.   Stories to encourage children to take care of our earth.
  6. WE CAN CREATE.   Features stories about being creative and non-fiction titles that provide instruction in a variety of arts and crafts projects.
  7. PLACES WE GO.   Stories for children focused on visiting new places such as the doctor, dentist, school.
  8. SCIENCE IN ACTION.    Fun titles  featuring cool science projects and ideas.
  9. ANIMALS, ANIMALS, ANIMALS.   Learn about a variety of different animals.
  10. POPULAR CHARACTERS.   This pack features stories about popular characters including Scooby-Doo, Fancy Nancy, The Peanuts, Pokemon and more.
  11. SPORTS.   Topics covering a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, cheerleading and more!
  12. STORIES TO ENCOURAGE GOOD BEHAVIORS.   Titles will be selected from our Say Yes To Nice collection.
  13. SPECIAL ANIMALS.   Highlighted books tell the stories of amazing animal heroes and animals who have displayed amazing talents.
  14. PUZZLE ME.   Titles selected will challenge young minds to think outside the box, solve puzzles, and more.   A Look and Find book will be featured each month.
  15. READING JUST FOR FUN.   A  mixed “bag” of stories selected from our juvenile collection.
  16. DINOSAURS.  Read selected titles from our collection of books about dinosaurs.

Chapter Book Theme Packs for older children are available.   Available series include:  Origami Yoda Books by Tom Angleberger, Ivy and Bean by Annie Barrows, Wild Rescue Series by J. Burchett and S. Voglen, Band Geeks by Amy Cobb, Mermaid Tales by Debbie Dadey, Adventures in Extreme Reading by Jan Fields, Gross Gods by Blake Hoena, Time Jumpers by Wendy Maas, Electric Zombie by Johanna Gohmann,  Abby and the Book Bunch by Nancy Wallace, Soccer Sisters by Andrea Montalbano.